Victor Slobodnik

Dear employer,

Thank you for visiting my web-site and for showing your interest in myself.

I concentrate my efforts for career development to research new opportunities and challenges that may be offered by a developing company focused on the future.

I can characterize myself as the professional keen on the business with wide experience and high working capacity. My personal qualities include constant tendency to perfection, the ability to achieve objectives and aims, the skill to set up priorities correctly and to see long-term outlooks resolving the immediate tasks. Being "the person of action", I easily work as in a team environment, cooperating with partners, as well as am independent, according to the tasks put by.

The purpose of my online resume is to find a perspective position of the expert on complex automation and/or software developer in the company that my long-term experience, knowledge and skills may contribute to growth and profitability. To find a vacancy that also assumes the further increase of my professional level.

Considering your being busy, I highly appreciate an opportunity to learn as much as possible about your company during a personal meeting. I suggest to discuss possible ways to use my knowledge and experience for the further development and growth of your company. I hope for a long-term and productive cooperation with your company group.

Should you wish to offer me an interesting job, or cooperation within the limits of my professional interests, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

If you require hard copy of my resume, you may download and print it out for your reference.

Sincerely yours,

Victor Slobodnik.